Sky's the Limit Youth Org


Sky’s the Limit Youth Organization is dedicated to addressing the widening digital divide in Canada by providing students with access to the tools and resources they need to pursue the infinite opportunities and possibilities available to them.


This unique initiative was pursued to benefit students in under-resourced communities by providing them with refurbished computers in their homes. Sky’s the Limit ensures that a mentoring program is in place to get the students up and running and provides environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems are reused and recycled.

Ownership and Management

Sky’s the Limit is operated by Lara Tavares. Lara has extensive experience in the web development and graphic design industries. She worked for the Ministry of Labour as a web specialist and most recently as a web developer and graphic designer for the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy in Toronto. Lara also has an extensive background in the volunteer sector. She is the former Diversity Chair and Fundraising Chair for the Canadian Cancer Society's Central Toronto Division.

Location and Facilities

Sky's the Limit is located in Toronto in a secure office building on Eglinton Avenue East.

Key Initiatives and Objectives

Sky’s the Limit's main objectives: 1. Raise funds to purchase refurbished computers. 2. Provide refurbished computers to students from under-resourced communities. 3. Establish a mentoring and tutoring program to get the students up and running. 4. Facilitate access to online resources, creating an awareness of the many learning opportunities available to students. 5. Improve the students’ overall computer skills while developing their essential workplace skills. 6. Reduce waste and recycle technology by diverting used computers from landfill sites. 7. Offer a solution to the digital divide in Canada.

Partner Organization/Target Recipients

The majority of Sky's the Limit's recipients are under-resourced students in grades 9 to 12 whose parents/guardians, for whatever reason, are not able to purchase a computer for them. Sky's the Limit works in conjunction with 22 other nonprofit organizations who work closely with the communities of interest and have first hand knowledge of which students require computers. Sky’s the Limit has expanded to other under-resourced communities in Toronto, Durham, Parry Sound, Ottawa, Fredericton and will continue to expand into the other regions of Ontario and Canada.

Sky's the Limit Youth Organization is a registered Canadian charity. BN 85757 9742RR0001
20 Eglinton Avenue East, Unit 230, Toronto ON M4P 1A9 p:416.350.8888,

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